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Leaking faucets, running toilets, clogged sink drains—plumbing issues always seem to pop up at the most inconvenient moments! And plumbing emergencies like burst pipes or flooding? There’s never a good time for those.

Life throws you enough curve balls, which is why Neighbourhood Plumbing strives to provide straightforward and fair rates.

Over-the-phone estimates

When it comes to plumbing, surprises are never fun! We provide over-the-phone estimates before coming to your house, so you know what to expect.

As a master plumber, Patrick can often diagnose or troubleshoot common plumbing problems over the phone. Sometimes a problem that seems big is actually easy to solve yourself—with a little guidance from a pro. If it’s a simple solution and you’re up to the challenge, we’re happy to provide a little coaching.

Rates for common requests

We estimate our prices based on the job itself. However, we do have some consistent rates for common requests:

  • Faucet replacement – $120 Our flat rate for kitchen or bathroom faucets
  • Snaking drains – $180-$220 The price depends on which machine is necessary and helps cover the cost of its care. This is the price for the first hour; additional time required is $120 per hour.
  • Unclogging toilets – $120 Our flat rate for unclogging toilets with a commercial auger.

All other services are individually priced (see our full list of services). For any visit to your house, our minimum service fee is $120

We offer discounts for seniors, veterans and single parents on fixed incomes (at our discretion).

Fixing it right, the first time

Some plumbers use lower-quality materials to “save” money, or cut corners with quick, short-term fixes. In our experience, this never saves time or money in the long run. Bad materials and makeshift work don’t last, and soon you’ll find yourself with another bill for materials and service.

Neighbourhood Plumbing gives you the highest value for your money by using quality materials. For example, the ball valves we use are manufactured right here in Canada and have a 25-year warranty.

We also stand by our work: for all new fixture installations, we offer our own one-year warranty guarantee.

Payment methods

Neighbourhood Plumbing accepts payment by cash, cheque and e-transfer.