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About Us

Patrick Gamache, Master Plumber and owner of Neighbourhood Plumbing Patrick Gamache, Master Plumber and owner of Neighbourhood Plumbing

Meet your neighbour

Neighbourhood Plumbing is an East Toronto full-service and emergency residential plumbing company. It’s owned and managed by master plumber Patrick Gamache, a Beach resident for over 50 years.

By focusing on the East Toronto area, we’re able to provide our quickest response times. Plus, we’re experts on your neighbourhood! Whether your house is 100 years old or brand new, we know which problems to expect and which solutions to apply.

If you’re having a plumbing emergency, problems or just a question, please contact us. We’re in the neighbourhood and ready to help!

Our history (Patrick’s story)

I started Neighbourhood Plumbing in 2011, after a decade of working with several residential and commercial plumbing companies.

I knew I enjoyed plumbing, but there was something off about working with these companies. Some of them were so focused on making top dollar, they overcharged their customers. Some used lower quality materials or quick fixes to “save” money. I say “save” because they often lost any savings when customers called them right back to do it properly!

When I first started Neighbourhood Plumbing, I was operating out of a Honda Civic, as best as I could. Four months later, I bought a truck. Now I have a full-sized truck I can stand up in and a young plumbing assistant to help me.

And now, I get to do plumbing right.

Neighbourhood Values

I chose the name “Neighbourhood Plumbing” to reflect not only the local area I work in, but also my values. I was born and raised in East Toronto—it’s my neighbourhood. And I want to provide the best possible service and support for its buildings and residents.

  • Fair, honest pricing
  • Straight-forward, up-front estimates
  • A “neighbourly” respect for your home
  • Expertise on East Toronto houses, from old to new
  • Quality materials that last
  • Guidance and a quick response to plumbing emergencies