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Kitec Replacement in Toronto: Replacement Cost vs. Damage Cost

Replacement of Kitec plumbing in a Toronto home

Even though Kitec plumbing was recalled in 2005, Neighbourhood Plumbing still gets calls all the time for Kitec replacement in Toronto. Kitec plumbing is still sadly common in Toronto homes and condos, and for unsuspecting homeowners, it’s a ticking time bomb.

In this article, we’ll go over what to expect when dealing with Kitec plumbing in your Scarborough, East York or East Toronto home. Even though the replacement costs can be steep, the price of waiting until there’s a problem can be worse.

Here’s what homeowners with Kitec plumbing need to know.

Kitec Replacement Costs vs. Damage Costs

According to the Toronto Star, replacing Kitec piping with copper pipes costs about $5000 to $6500 for a one-bedroom condo. For two-bedroom units and larger, that cost goes up to $8000 to $10500. And those prices are just for the plumbing and drywall—not for extra costs like replacing kitchen or bathroom tiles.

That’s a high cost on its own, but waiting to replace Kitec piping can be an even bigger expense. That’s because the problem with Kitec piping is not that it might fail, but that it will fail. The average life expectancy of Kitec plumbing is only ten years.

If you wait to replace your pipes, they could not only leak, but burst and flood. According to Global News, the average cost to repair a flooded basement is $43,000. That means the cost of replacing Kitec can more than double once the damage starts!

If you live in East Toronto, give us a call for Kitec removal before you have a problem to save the extra expense.

Paying for Kitec Replacement and Damage in Toronto

Unfortunately, the cost of replacing Kitec plumbing falls to the property owner, even in the case of condos. Condominium corporations are legally required to warn buyers if there’s Kitec plumbing in the condo, but sometimes they don’t know it’s there (or claim not to). Once the property is yours, any Kitec on it becomes your problem.

Worse, most insurance companies won’t insure homes with Kitec plumbing or may only insure at a much higher rate. If any damage happens as a result of Kitec plumbing, most companies won’t cover repairs. Even in cases where the homeowners didn’t know there was Kitec on the property, insurance companies can claim “misrepresentation” and void your policy.

Checking for Kitec Plumbing and Signs of Damage

You can check for signs of Kitec plumbing in your home yourself. However, it can be hard to identify since it comes in many colours and with many different brand names.

If you suspect or know your home has Kitec plumbing, the first person to call is a plumber. A licensed plumber can confirm whether you have Kitec on the property, plus assess the state it’s in. If your piping is showing dangerous signs of damage, you may need to act fast to prevent a major problem.

Kitec plumbing often fails without warning. However, if you see either of the following signs, you should take them seriously:

  • White buildup collecting outside the pipe fittings
  • Blackened or bulging pipes

When looking for signs of damage, be sure to check near the hot water tank. This is where many Kitec problems happen, since heat breaks down the piping.

Kitec Replacement in Toronto

Looking for a licensed, professional Toronto plumber to identify or replace Kitec plumbing in your home or condo? Give Neighbourhood Plumbing a call today at 647-404-7139 or send us a message. We serve all of East Toronto, including Scarborough, East York, the Beaches, Leslieville, Riverdale, Cabbagetown, Guildwood, Rosedale and North York.